About the Girl Behind Everyday Blooms

Hey there! My name is Rachel. I’m an Enneagram Type 6 and Meyers Briggs ISTJ, which explains why I’m an introvert and love organization. I value relationships with my family and friends—my siblings are my best friends and my friends are super special to me. Books, coffee and hot chocolate, vintage style, cozy surroundings, and Christmas make my heart happy. And here’s just a little random FYI: I don’t like cheesecake. 😉

Ever since I was little, I’ve been writing. I was continually taking notes, keeping journals, and writing letters. I copied my big sister’s sermon notes until I was old enough to take them myself. I have a whole bucket full of journals in the attic that include everything from my diligent account of everything that went on in my 7-year-old world (including what we ate for each meal, y’all!) to the heartfelt feelings of the girl I am today. I work things out best by talking or writing through them, which my friends who have received 10-page letters and super long emails through the years can testify to! Blogging seemed to be the natural next step, a way to reach out to lots of friends at once.

Something that I’ve always loved to do is to share the things I’m currently learning with my friends. Whether it’s practical encouragement from God’s Word, tips to help you be more productive and organized, or just fun snippets of my life, I’ve always pretty much been an open book.

What I’m learning right now is ways to find the balance between my idealistic dream life and my everyday real life, to wholeheartedly embrace God’s purpose for me right here, right now… to bloom where God has planted me. I love to collect simple tips and create printable resources (which are always free if you want to hang out with me in your inbox) to share with you.

If you’ll let me, I would love to share what I’ve learned with you. I love brainstorming with girls just like you, helping them follow God’s unique plan for their own individual lives… because we’re all different.

You, my friend, may be struggling to find balance in your life right now, too. But with a little bit of determination, a whole lot of grace, a firm faith and trust in the Lord, and a smile on your face, you’ll be surprised at how beautiful the little things in your everyday life can be.

Let’s be friends!

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I promise that I won’t clutter up your inbox. 😉 At the moment, I send emails every other Monday. But my inbox is always open to you. Please, please feel free to email me anytime about anything. I’m here for you.