Fishing from the Wrong Side of the Boat

 “One comment Bro. Jackie made tonight stuck with me… he mentioned something about fishing from the wrong side of the boat. And it made me think. Am I fishing from the wrong side of the boat? Am I searching in my own strength, my own ability, my own time for something that only God can provide? Something that, if I only turned around and searched for in His strength, His ability, and His time, He would bless me with abundantly? Something that I won’t be able to find until He tells me to cast my net?”

The above is part of my musings one recent Sunday night after the sermon from a visiting preacher. He wasn’t preaching about this by any means—he just mentioned something about fishing from the wrong side of the boat. I know that this isn’t at all in context with the John 21 passage he was referring to, but it was an interesting thought.

How many times do we rush ahead of God? How many times do we either try to find His will in our own time, or just give up waiting on His answer and go back to our old pursuits and pleasures? I know that I am so very guilty of this. Instead of waiting patiently for God to speak to me and clearly show me His plan for my life, I usually try to get ahead of the game and figure out what He wants me to do. Or I’ll lapse into spiritual laziness and fill my time and head with things that make me forget that I’m supposed to seek God’s will for me.

The disciples didn’t catch anything that night until Jesus came and gave them specific instructions. Because they obeyed them, He blessed them with a huge catch—so much their net could barely hold them. I wonder how many blessings we don’t get to enjoy because we’re looking “on the wrong side of the boat” for them? I wonder how much more blessed we would be if we would stop looking to ourselves, just turn around, and wait on Christ for the answers?

One last blip from my journal, and that’s it. Just a short reminder to look to Christ for our all instead of to ourselves or someone (or something) else.

“It makes me wonder what all I’m rushing ahead of God in. A job, maybe? A guy? Perhaps even some blessings only He can provide—I can’t earn—like peace, joy, contentment? Lord, please teach me how to fish. Show me how and when to cast my net.”

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