Bloom Where You’re Planted

Is it hard for you to wait for God’s timing? Do you wish that you were anywhere else but where you are? Does it feel like God is holding you back?

So many girls I know are dissatisfied with where God has them in life. They want to do more, be more, and go more. Have you ever considered that God has you exactly where you are in this certain point in time for a very specific reason? Sure, we may not understand. But we can trust His plan. He has something special in mind for you.

For you single girls at home – I get it. I’m single and still at home too. Sometimes it feels like we are the most useless creatures ever. We’re stuck at home (especially if we can’t drive yet). We don’t have the opportunities to get out and witness like we feel we should. A life of washing dishes and folding laundry isn’t exactly the mission field we envisioned for ourselves, right?

Single girls in the work force or at college: do you feel like life is too busy? Like you don’t have the time to fulfill the calling God has placed on your heart? When you applied for that job, you didn’t realize how much it would drain you. Studying until all hours of the night (or the wee hours of morning) makes you so brain-dead that you’re not sure how you function every day.

Stay-at-home mommies? Chasing toddlers, changing countless diapers, and spending your nights soothing a colicky baby instead of sleeping is probably making you mentally and physically exhausted, despite the joy that comes from loving and raising your kiddos.

And you mothers who juggle a job, housework, and kids all at once. I don’t see how you do it – just being the oldest at home with a tween and two teens being my responsibility (and they’re really great sisters), plus trying to get some work done (at home!), and keeping the house up had my head spinning… and that was just for a week.

Okay, I’m sounding all doom and gloom now. Not exactly where I was meaning to go with this… but do you get the picture? Real life doesn’t always meet up to our expectations. Life is busy. It’s crazy or boring, depending on your situation. And often we get so focused on our circumstances that we just want to be anywhere but where we are. It isn’t exactly a fulfilling life.

I’ll be honest…

I know that I often feel like such a failure. I look at other girls my age, and they seem to have it all. They’re getting married, having babies, and making their homes into a haven. Or they’re going to college, getting jobs, and being successful.

I have to remember that God has placed me right where I am, right now, for a specific purpose. I may not see it, but I can trust His plan for my life.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Those verses are some of my favorites. His ways and thoughts are SO much higher than mine. I can trust that He has planted me here at home, looking for a job, living a messy, unorganized (but trying to get organized), and confusing life. I don’t understand it. But I can trust Him.

I went through a period a year or two ago where I was very dissatisfied with my life. I didn’t feel fulfilled at the end of the day or that my life had much purpose, honestly. One day in particular, I was really struggling and just feeling kind of pointless. Cleaning and organizing helps me to straighten out my thoughts, so I went out to our workshop and alternated writing out a prayer and organizing. It really cleared my head.

And I realized something. God doesn’t have to give me a job, send me to college, or call me to a foreign mission field for me to have purpose in my life. My mission field is right here at home. And once I realized that, it changed my whole outlook on life. Sure, I still have struggles. But I also found peace and joy that I hadn’t experienced when I was looking for something outside of where God had me.

So can you…

Two words: JUST TRUST. It’s hard, I know, even while it’s simple. I don’t have it down by any means… because it’s a process. It’s growing. Seeds aren’t planted and bloom into flowers the next day. It’s a long and hard process, with lots of growing pains, some setbacks, some scars… but the end result is beautiful.

Have you ever tried planting a seed in a garden bed and then moving it every day? It takes a lot longer to grow that way… and sometimes it doesn’t grow at all. It dies.

Allow God to grow you where He has planted you. If you’re not sure that where you are is where He wants you, get in His Word. Pray. Get counsel from trusted, godly, older friends. And wait.

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18a)

You can transplant a partially grown plant with little to no damage to it. Sometimes you have to, to ensure that it has room to grow into a large, healthy plant that produces to the max. And sometimes God does that with us. The thing is, we have to wait for His perfect timing.

I’m completely preaching to myself right here. I have been struggling with dissatisfaction in a few areas of my life. But I’m learning and I’m growing. So can you. Just be patient, trust God, and hang on during the growing pains. It’ll be worth it in the end.

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